1. These Rules (hereinafter - the Rules) establish the rules for using the online bookstore www.akad.lt (hereinafter - the Bookstore) and the procedure and conditions of purchase therein.

2. The bookstore is owned by MB Akademikai.

I. Use of the Bookstore

3. By browsing and otherwise using the Bookstore, you agree to these and other Bookstore Terms, Conditions and Policies.

4. If you do not agree with all the Terms, Conditions and Policies of the Bookstore or do not have the right to enter into agreements with MB Academic, you may not use this Bookstore and its services.

5. MB Akademikai have the right to change these Rules at any time. Each change takes effect from the moment it is published in the Bookstore. By purchasing in the Bookstore and otherwise using the services offered therein, you confirm that you have read the current version of these Rules and the terms and conditions of use of the Bookstore set forth therein, and you agree with them.

II. Links to Other Websites and Third Party Services

6. This Bookstore contains links to other websites that are not controlled or managed by MB Akademikai. MB Akademikai is not responsible for the content of other websites.

7. MB Academicians use the services of third parties whose collection of services is not controlled by MB Akademikai to collect payments and deliver goods. These parties follow their own terms and conditions when providing services. MB Akademikai is not responsible for any damage caused to you by third parties, the displayed content and the quality of services. Any claims, complaints, questions, observations or accusations concerning the services, acts or omissions of third parties must be addressed directly to those third parties.

III. Availability of services

8. Notwithstanding the efforts of MB Academic to make the Bookstore available 24 hours a day, MB Academic cannot be held responsible if the Bookstore is unavailable at any time of the day for any reason or jurisdiction.

IV. User information

9. The procedure and conditions for processing personal data and storing cookies in the Bookstore are established by the Bookstore Privacy Policy.

10. When shopping at the Bookstore, you must provide MB Academic with all required information. This information is necessary for you to be able to pay for the goods properly and for MB Akademikai to deliver them properly. You are responsible for the accuracy and precision of this information.

V. Liability

11. MB Akademikai make every reasonable effort to make the information and content provided in the Bookstore as accurate and relevant as possible, but in all cases the information and content provided in the Bookstore is of a recommendatory and indicative nature only. Therefore, MB Academicians shall not be liable for any damages and losses of any kind and amount incurred by you or third parties due to inaccurate, irrelevant or incorrect information provided in the Bookstore. MB Akademikai reserves the right to change the description of any product at any time.

12. Because different monitors display images and colors differently, We cannot guarantee that the actual appearance of the goods is as shown in the Bookstore. Therefore, we cannot be held responsible for any discrepancies of this nature. MB Akademikai is not responsible for defects and damage to the goods caused by the delivery of the goods, due to improper storage or use of the goods, as well as natural wear and tear of the goods.

13. MB Akademikai shall not be liable for any damage or loss caused by links or content on other websites directed to the Bookstore, including, but not limited to, computer viruses that may infect the device, software, data or other property. MB Akademikai is also not responsible for your use of the Bookstore, browsing it, or downloading any information or data from the Bookstore.

14. MB Academicians are also not responsible for damage to the goods resulting from the normal use of such goods and / or actions of third parties in connection with the damage to the goods.

15. You should not accept the information provided in the bookstore directly or verbatim, regardless of the context, terms and descriptions provided. To the fullest extent permitted by law, MB Akademikai limits its liability for warranties or conditions associated with the operation of this Bookstore.

16. Our liability under the established laws and the MB Academic Rules is possible only if you have purchased the goods directly from us. These Rules or any warranties provided to MB Akademikai do not apply if the goods have been purchased through a distributor or any other person.

VI. Purchase

17. You can buy the goods we offer only in your own name. Your order must be confirmed by MB Akademikai.

18. MB Akademikai have the right to restrict the sale of goods to any person, geographical region or jurisdiction. MB Akademikai also reserves the right to change the prices of goods at any time before placing an order. MB Akademikai will exercise the rights listed above depending on each factual situation.

VII. Transfer, acceptance and return of goods

19. In the following, we distinguish between “books” and “electronic books” by the procedure and conditions for the transfer, acceptance and return of those goods.

20. If the goods you have purchased are printed books, you can purchase them only by ordering the delivery service. There is no possibility to withdraw MB Akademikai on the premises or elsewhere.

21. The price of delivery of goods and additional fees related to this service (if any) shall be indicated in the shopping cart by choosing the method of delivery of books.

22. After you have formed and confirmed the order in the Bookstore, MB Akademikai will initiate the shipment of goods only when it receives your payment confirmation, which consists of the price of the purchased goods, taxes payable (if applicable) and the delivery price of the goods. We reserve the right to demand additional payments for re-delivery of goods if you do not collect the delivered goods on time.

23. Acceptance of goods means confirmation of the quantity and quality of the goods. If you have any complaints after inspecting the goods, you should declare this to the person issuing the goods.

24. You have the right to return purchased books that are no longer needed for any reason within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of receipt of the goods and to get back all the money paid for them. To exercise this right of return, you must have an unambiguous e-mail within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of receipt of the goods. Inform MB Akademikai about its decision to cancel the purchase transaction and send the books to MB Akademikai, P. Vileišio str. 25-30, LT-10205 Vilnius, Lithuania. Returned goods must be in the original packaging, unused, in no worse condition than received. The request to cancel the purchase transaction shall be in a free form, but shall include: (a) the order number of the goods, (b) the name of the buyer, and (c) the returned goods. The cost of returning the goods is borne by the buyer of the goods.

25. The 14 (fourteen) day return period applies only if you have purchased the goods directly from MB Akademikai Knygynas. In the event that you have purchased from a distributor or any other person, you must contact the person who sold the goods directly to you regarding the possibility of returning the goods.

26. If the goods sold to MB Akademikai are defective, you can contact MB Akademikai within 2 (two) years and MB Akademikai will exchange the book for you free of charge, reduce the price or refund the money paid for it. Partial compensation or a refund of all money paid can only be claimed if the goods cannot be replaced.

27. If the goods you have purchased are electronic books (digital content), you will receive the purchased goods electronically (downloaded from your account) to your terminal device. These items are considered to have been properly delivered to you from the moment the e-book is stored in your account.

28. Electronic books purchased in the e-shop may not be returned and the money paid for them may not be recovered. In order to replace the purchased low-quality product with a quality one, you must contact MB Academicians by e-mail. by mail.

VIII. Payments

29. MB Akademikai does not provide financial, payment, money transfer and / or related services, therefore you use the services of third parties every time you make a payment. 30. MB Akademikai may not be held liable for any third party services, including but not limited to the services specified in these Rules.

IX. Intellectual property

31. All content published in the Bookstore is protected by copyright or other intellectual property rights. You may not use this content for commercial or any other purpose.

32. We warn that the digitization (for example, in pdf format) and distribution of printed books, as well as the distribution of purchased e-books, is an infringement of the intellectual property rights of MB Akademikai. MB Akademikai do not tolerate such actions and protect violated rights in accordance with the procedure established by law.

X. Tax provisions

33. MB Akademikai will base their activities on the financial information that you will provide. MB Akademikai is not considered a taxpayer, except in cases when the tax burden is directly established by the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania. All other taxes payable, including, but not limited to, customs duties and / or other taxes related to the goods, must be paid by you.

XI. Applicable law and jurisdiction

34. Any dispute related to the activities of MB Akademikai or the Bookstore is settled through negotiations. If the dispute cannot be resolved through negotiations, it shall be resolved using the Electronic Dispute Resolution System supervised by the European Commission.

35. You can also submit a complaint regarding the goods or services purchased at MB Akademikai Bookstore to the State Consumer Rights Protection Service at Vilniaus st. 25, 01402 Vilnius, or e-mail email office@vvtat.lt. State Consumer Rights Protection Service e-mail website address www.vvtat.lt.